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Just over a year ago Mouse on Mars and Create Digital Music had a successful Indiegogo campaign to fund an app called WretchUp. WretchUp is a live instrument and effect that MoM use extensively on all audio sources. Its inspired by analog hardware effects and audio feedback. A simple interface takes away the technological distractions so you can just focus on the sound. In other words its a live audio mangling effect/instrument that can take live audio and shoot out a huge range of sounds from it.

We supported the app and have ever so patiently been awaiting its release.  Happily a couple of nights ago was the app debut in Berlin and also the opening of the MusicMakers Hacklab – part of the CTM Festival.

Mouse on Mars debut their mobile app WretchUp, a crowd-funded open source project, in a live quartet performance on iPhones. Together with WretchUp developers Rupert Smyth and Peter Kirn, Mouse on Mars use live sampling and effects on their phones for grungy, wild results.

It was a crazy performance and really showed off how extreme the app can be. If you are not familiar with it check the next video out.

Even after watching the available WretchUp videos and seeing all the guys perform live with just the app Im still not sure how the app works or what the final features are. Hopefully it will be released in the next few days though… fingers crossed. The last feature update was at the beginning of the month when MoM Tweeted the app now has a sample loop option.

The next couple of FACT videos show MoM in their studio recording and using WretchUp –

WretchUp at 1:24 – absolutely wtf sounds… check out Mom’s workflow. Laptops, analog console, EHX Looper, WretchUp app and other gear.

In this video MoM take on the FACT 10min Against the Clock challenge – make a beat in 10min. Pretty mental beat but shows how again their great use of short vocal samples and live twangy twang Banjo.

WretchUp into an Orange amp stack… why not?

C’mon MoMy release this thing already!

WretchUp Official Page

WretchUp Facebook Page

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