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Real girl windowlicker tooths

The Windowlicker cover is great but have you seen the photo of the girl before she received the Aphex Twin’s face job? Well here you go –

Real Windowlicker Girl Model

Weird ha?! After seeing the Windowlicker cover for so many years this almost looks like the fake. We tried to find some info on the model but come up with nothing, let us know if you know something.

The cover was the work of Chris Cunningham and The Designer’s Republic – both worked a lot with Warp Records. Chris Cunningham you probably know a lot about already and The Designer’s Republic (in case you don’t know) were a graphic design agency that designed a lot of great album covers as well as working on designs for global brands. Although they closed in 2009 they were recently credited with designing Autechre’s Exai album art and packaging.

Throwback to 1999 – the actual Windowlicker cover with the beautiful face of Richardo D Jamezzzbaby –

Aphex Twin Windowlicker cover

Because you definitely want to watch it again, here is the hashtag awesome hashtag NSFW original non censored music video –

ANOTHER NOTE – the nightmarish masks are the work of Paul Catling who has also worked with Chris Cunningham on the music video for Bjork’s All is Full of Love (which the people behind I, Robot the movie must have liked…). Paul also worked on movies Saving Private Ryan, Harry Potter, Alien vs Predator, Spiderman, Hellraiser and many others.

So again featuring the work of Mr Cunningham and Mr Catling, here is the music video for Bjork’s  All is Full of Love –

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