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TA Podcast Lost Few

From the mind of Melbourne native David Thomson, aka Lost Few, comes this TA mix. Lost Few is David’s platform to explore and develop his left field sounds – subversive, heavy, cabalistic, overdriven, finely textured, anarchic and hyper sensory. Sounds good yeah? Definitely.

In this TA mix he explores some new unreleased tracks, some of his released catalogue, found sounds, original loops as well as a few of his favourite artists – Demdike Stare and Pansonic. Listen out for his incredible remix of Alanis Morrisette under a new project guise Duaa Svim.

A cinematic mix for the techno, dark bass genre heads. Made for a bleak day with a cup of tea.

Lost Few has been producing music for a couple of years, working in sound design for the passed year and been earning his bread and butter with sound engineering. Although mainly a solo project Lost Few is quite open to definition having been a collective at times. Fellow Melbourne artists have joined ranks bringing in their different ideas on certain tracks. The city’s vibrant scene inspires Lost Few to create and collaborate but like a lot of cities music has its struggles –

I love Melbourne and think we have a good scene here. It is awash with the usual politics but like anywhere this will exist. There are some great young producers coming up that have really stood out for me and new labels like ssllooww. You combine this with labels that have been building the scene for a while like Pinksilver. Throw into the mix new immigrants like sub squared and you have a great flavour full of quality sounds. The issue is how to continue this and support the local entities.

David does his thing to support the scene by running Billion Underground and having a monthly Sunday event promoting the left field musicians.

For me performing live is a constant evolving thing. I’m quite chaotic in the way I approach things and I’m sure this mix (which I did live) shows this.

For a guy usually performing with seven channels of audio and an eighth to control vision that is no surprise. He tends to use a Xone DB4 mixer which is the centre point to his studio and live performances.

I have been doing a lot of sound for theatre at the moment which has really shifted my perspective on what sound is and has given me a wealth of sounds to play with. I’m beginning to move away from the usual 4/4 dance floor fillers. I also love playing the opening slot at shows as it gives me an open pallet to play with.

Although a lot of his attention is in Melbourne, Sydney label 3BS (head honcho and previous TA mix artist Mannheim Rocket) have taken to him having released his debut 7″ EP Winter’s Voice in June 2013. It is an extremely limited release with to date only 9 copies left. For your Melbourne and Sydney recommendations Lost Few points at D-Rex, Asha Dirge, Kane Ikin, E Denn, Asger Jorn, Mannheim Rocket and Scissor Lock.

When we asked what else is he is currently listening to he said –

Shackleton’s electronic explorations podcast is on repeat, a lot of downloads including Kerridge and Oake, 2 podcasts on my phone are Haxan Cloak and Pansonic but to be honest I’ve become a bit inner focused without not much new music creeping in… could go on for a while but one last one is Mix Architekt. I also think it is important to surround yourself with other genres to keep your mind open. Recently I saw Laura Marling in a Cathedral and her vocals blew me away and gave me great ideas for vocals within a live context.

As stated earlier this mix incorporates new tracks, lots of sounds he has collected over time and pays homage to artists that have inspired him.

Lost Few’s debut 7″ EP is out now through 3BS records. An upcoming release via UK Label Stray Landings and another Oz release by the end of the year. Also stay tuned for more on his upcoming project Duaa Svim, a cassette release coming out in Novemeber.

As usual click the takeaway box below to download.


01 – Lost Few – untitled
02 – She Is Asleep – Duo: Voix Et Piano Prepare – Isabelle Berteletti, prepared piano; Martine Viard, voice (John Cage – Works for Percussion)
03 – Lost Few – untitled
04 – First Construction (In Metal) – Quatuor Hêlios (percussion quartet), Philippe Chaignon (percussion), Anna Berteletti (piano) & Eve Payeur (assistant) (John Cage – Works for Percussion)
05 – Alanis Morissette – Your House (Duaa Svim remix)
06 – Black Rain – Night City.Tokyo
07 – Lost Few – Untitled
08 – Emptyset – Collapse
09 – Pansonic – Laptevinmeri Laptev Sea
10 – Lost Few – untitled
11 – Voices from the Lake – 4Caldo
12 – Sendai – Emptiness of Attention
13 – Kerridge – Hand Made
14 – Lost Few – Cold
15 – Forward Strategy Group – Industry and Empire
16 – Lost Few – Into The Night
17 – Lost Few – untitled
18 – Demdike Stare – Kommunion (Alternate Version)

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