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TA Podcast Mannheim Rocket

Solo producer Mannheim Rocket bridges the world of classical music and modern dark techno and dubstep.

He released his debut ‘De Profundis’ EP in 2011 on his label 3BS. Its a dark ambient take on the latter days of the great Russian composer Dimitri Shostakovich. You can still purchase it as a limited edition CD with a hand screenprinted packaging

He has currently been playing shows around Australia and is putting the finishing touches on his next EP which deals with the work of Australian composers Peter Sculthorpe and Carl Vine. Its is a brutal and stark view of modern day Australia from the eyes of a recent immigrant. Some tracks from this upcoming EP may be featured in this TA mix.

This mix features many of his own tracks alongside great heavy bass artists, classical composers and some unique genre crossing musicians.


Get his EPs via the 3BS Bandcamp – you can get them for free but pay well for them.

Check out more tracks, previews and remixes on Mannheim Rocket’s + 3BS SoundCloud

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