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We received a few requests for a Maschine version of our XD-5 pack so we happily put one together for you. We promise to continue making Maschine expansion packs alongside our Ableton and sample packs.

The Kawai XD-5 is a digital sample based percussion synth made in 1990 and we sampled all of its 256 available waveforms. It is more than a percussion synth though – dont even think its just a simple boom bap synth. The magic happens when you play the samples as keys, chords, melodies – you get amazing timbre, grit, vibe, mojo – all those buzz word things. We sampled all 256 available waveforms and put together a killer Maschine session.

When you open it you’ll find eight groups all fully loaded with Kawai XD-5 samples, utilising Maschine’s MPC 60 and SP1200 emulations and custom Tooths settings on reverbs, compressors, filters and limiters to get you sounding awesome right away.

This is what you get –

  • 2x Drum groups
  • 1x Synth Bass group
  • 1x Acoustic Bass group
  • 1x Melodic group
  • 2x Percussion groups
  • 1x FX Shot group


Here is a little audio demo of the Ableton Live version of the pack utilising only six instances of one sample! Yep – one sample! Kawai called the sample ‘Organ Mellow’ and using it we made this next beat creatively titled ‘Mellow Organ’… feel the vibes.

Remember the Kawai XD-5 Ableton Pack and the XD-5 Sample Packs are also available for free via our Downloads tab.

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