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For our first Ableton Live Pack we grabbed our dusty hidden gem the Kawai XD-5 percussion synth to give it some well deserved attention! We sampled all 256 available waveforms and made Ableton racks and Simplers out of them to make them easily accessible to you and its completely free.

The Kawai XD-5 is a digital sample based percussion synth made in 1990. It is more than a percussion synth though. Dont even think its just a simple boom bap synth. The magic happens when you play the samples as keys, chords, melodies – you get amazing timbre, grit, vibe, mojo – all those buzz word things.

Featured in this pack –

  • Drum rack with all the XD5 drum and percussion samples
  • Bass instrument rack with all the XD5 bass samples and selected XD5 samples we thought would work well for bass
  • Instrument rack with all the XD5 instrument samples that aren’t in the bass rack ie electric piano, chimes, organs
  • All the musical percussion samples are housed in Simplers so you can use them polyphonically
  • All racks have a Tooths vintage style effects channel – tape delay, reverb, tube distortion and leslie style panning, all with Macro control

We are huge fans of electronica, trip hop, and that general gritty digital vibe – if you are too you’ll want this.


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