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The Moog Voyager is an incredible synthesizer for huge basses and leads. For this free Pack – lucky you – we sampled the Voyager in our studio but instead of recording nice clean samples we decided that that was boring and instead we used the classic Minimoog overdrive patch of taking the headphone output and plugging it into the filter input.

We took our time and got the toughest, deepest, biggest, harshest sounds out the Voyager without the use of any effects.
This pack is 100% Moog Voyager – nothing else.

The range is incredible – we are sure you’ll love it. Drums, basses, leads, effects and crazy rhythmic instruments await you.

Featured in this pack –

  • Drum rack with 100% Moog Voyager drums and fx
  • 18 Bass instrument racks – can work as leads too but we think they work greater as bass
  • 10 Lead instrument racks – these can work for bass too but they are more stereo and harsher so probably best suited for leads
  • 12 Rhythmic Leads and Bass patches – these are all long rhythmic samples which when played create rhythmic and sometimes random sounds
  • 5  Keys instrument racks – well sort of key like 🙂
  • 3 Tuned Kick instrument racks
  • 3 Noise Xtra patches racks – good for risers and effects with tweaking
  • All the instruments are for Ableton 8.3 +
  • All racks have Tooths sexy effects with real time Macro controls


Here are a couple of audio demos using only this Maschine Pack and a brickwall limiter on the master buss.
Thats it – 100% Moog Overdriven tracks.

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