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Convolution is usually used to sample spaces and rooms for reverbs – but not this plugin. Analogue uses convolution sampling to capture the sound of hardware so you can get that hardware sound in your DAW nice and easy. Its been designed to be your go-to plugin. It works great on all signals, adding subtle warmth to extreme distortion.

Its loaded with convolution samples from some sweet sweet gear – Neve 8801 Channel Strip, Pultec EQP1A equalizer, SPL Tube Vitalizer and the SSL G Console and we will release more convolution packs. You’ll notice how much warm phat greasy mojo vibes this can add to your music. OK go get it…

Tooths Analogue Convolution Hardware Channel



  • Input & Output Saturation – click SAT button to initiate saturation/distortion algorithm on the Input and Output. Turn it on push the levels!
  • Meters – for both Input and Output because levels can easily get out of control these can help you get a handle on it
  • Drive – Warmth control, like driving a mixer channel
  • Tone – Use this to warm or brighten up the channel, you can see the resulting eq curve in the window
  • Main Display – shows you the wave pre and post Analogue
  • Convolution drop down – easy choice of high end gear
  • Dry/Wet Control – your choice to blend in however much of Analogue you want

We think its so good you should add it to every channel in your mix. Blend in just a touch of Analogue warmth or completely distort the signal – its up to you but your mixes will sound much better.

Any feedback, issues, love, hate or money send it our way. Expanded hardware convolution packs soon. #weloveyoumusos4lyf
If you have any hardware requests send them through and we’ll try to get it.

You will need Ableton Live 9 and Max for Live.

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