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Best Modular Synth Modules 2013

Happy start to 2014 everyone!

During December we ran a survey to see what you thought was the best in the modular synth world – which module you rated best oscillator, best filter, best sequencer etc… which module you thought was the almighty module, which retailer you loved, your favourite modular manufacturer and also who is your favourite musician using modular synths of the year.

Thanks to everyone for voting and for having some fun with us – its been great tallying up all the votes.

Note – this is a total popularity contest and voted entirely by you, all IP have been checked so there is no doubling up of voting. Some winners just won with one vote and then others were clear winners….

As the famous saying goes – “Without further ado your winners are…”

Best VCA / Mixer
4MS VCA Matrix

Best Trigger / Clock
ALM Pamela’s Workout

Best Oscillator
Mutable Instruments Braids & Make Noise DPO

Best Sequencer
Intellijel Metropolis

Best Drum / Percussion
Tip Top Audio BD909

Best Effect
Modcan Dual Delay

Best Envelope
Make Noise Maths

Best Filter
Intellijel Korgasmatron II

Best LFO / Modulator
Make Noise Maths

Best Controller / Utility
Intellijel Planar

Almighty Best Module Ever Released
Make Noise Maths

Best New Module of 2013
Cylonix / Intellijel Shapeshifter

Manufacturer of the Year

Retailer of the Year

Musican (Using Modulars) of the Year
James Holden

Congrats to all the winners and if you have any videos or demos of these modules you want to share send them to us on Facebook, Twitter or here on our site. Happy music making!

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