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No doubt you have heard of acclaimed film composers Hans Zimmer and Clint Mansell – combined they have composed music for over 200 films. Mansell’s credits include Black Swan, Moon, Pi and Requiem for a Dream. Some of zim Zimmer’s films – Interstellar, 12 Years a Slave, Inception, Gladiator, The Dark Knight… and many others, check out imdb.

In this Moog video they sit in front of what looks like a scaled back Moog System 35 and chat about their creative processes, stupid mastering engineers not hearing the deep sub bass, modular synths, analog instruments and some other stuff that interests us “musicians”.

OK the chit chat is done, time to listen to some amazing music – Mansell’s music for ‘A Requiem for a Dream’ and Hans Zimmer’s ‘Inception’ –

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