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A couple of days ago we posted about the singing Tesla coil… well here is the biggest singing Tesla coil.

David Blaine and Intel teamed up to make this idea of Mr Blaine’s a reality. A huge metal dome with large Tesla coils charged with 1 million volts all shooting sparks at him. A host of musicians, Pharell, Reggie Watts, Andrew WK and the public come along to play with it / zap him…. and he did it for 73 hours straight.

From The Creator’s Project –

On October 5th, 2012 David Blaine partnered with Intel to embark on his most challenging and visual performance stunt to date. Standing high up on a platform for 73 hours and surrounded by 1 million volts of electricity, David invited the world to interact and control the electricity through Intel based Ultrabooks. This is the behind the scenes story of Electrified.

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