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Kmart muzak in store

Here is an odd lot of audio for you to go through – Mark Davis has just uploaded years worth of Kmart in-store music for you to download.

Davis worked at a Kmart service desk and every month corporate office issued a cassette to be played in-store. They were meant to be thrown away but Davis collected them until 1993 – when cassettes were killed off for satellite programming.

He held onto these cassettes hoping they would come in handy one day. So now almost 20 years late he recorded and uploaded the whole collection, 56 cassettes!

Dennis says these cassettes took a beating with some probably “800 passes over a tape head each month.”

Go check these vintage gems out – – There are definitely a few samples in there for you to use.

Here is a demo of an in-store tape. This was played on only one day in ’92 on Kmart’s 30th anniversary.

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