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CHECK IT OUT! We expanded our Casio FZ-1’s external memory!

Yes – high tech floppy disks with lockable enclosure! So much samples. So much kicks! Gritt wow. Can you like feel the vibez?

This kewl Kiwi decided to use his modular to soundtrack a data vis he made – kewl ha?!

He converted data into audio and then again into CV. This is then used to control filters and oscillator settings. The patch uses a ton of drool worthy gear…

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soundtoys 5

The new Soundtoys v5 bundle of plugins looks hawt! Well done kids!

So why use Soundtoys? You may be thinking I got all the effects I need in my Garageband… well no one gets turnt for Garageband effects! Soundtoys on the other hand go hard!

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Great audio and info on the Intellijel Korgasmatron, Intellijel Dr Octature II, STG Post Lawsuit Filter and Doepfer’s A-106-5 SEM, A-103 VCF6 the nasty A-124 VCF5 Wasp.

These filters are clones of popular synths – well except the Intellijel Dr Octature… and Korgasmatron is more inspired by the MS20, but hey… its easier to say they’re all clones!

riri bbhmm screengrab

There’s a lot of talk around data collection and sales, the TPP, metadata, fappenings… BUTt how much is your data worth to the companies that want it?

Use this interactive by the Financial Times to work out just how much you are worth… Hopefully you are worth than $1 🙁

apple protoype Jason Henry

Do you care about the sound your keyboard’s keys or mouse’s click makes? Well looks like Apple really does. They take it very seriously – unlike whoever was in charge of designing the crap of a keyboard currently used to type this… uhumm… Dell.

A lovely gent had a click around Apple’s prototype and testing ‘top secret Input-lab’ and also spoke to John Ternus, VP for Mac, iPad, Ecosystem, and Audio Engineering. Its surprising just how serious Apple is about the sound their accessories make. They have a huge anechoic chamber where they test for precision, human interaction and sound quality. “To get the right touch, you need the right sound,” says Ternus.

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Clark live at UK’s Bloc festival.

Check out more from the festival at Resident Advisor.

Follow the talented lad –

This is spesh cause we don’t see much of Jacques Greene live – but here he is giving a live demo/jam on the Mother-32 Analog Synthesizer for Moog.

Greene clocks the Mother-32 via the Elektron Octatrack MIDI, filter modulation CV comes from the TB-303. An Eventide Space used for that lush room vibes.

Jacques you look good with a shaved head.