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apple protoype Jason Henry

Do you care about the sound your keyboard’s keys or mouse’s click makes? Well looks like Apple really does. They take it very seriously – unlike whoever was in charge of designing the crap of a keyboard currently used to type this… uhumm… Dell.

A lovely gent had a click around Apple’s prototype and testing ‘top secret Input-lab’ and also spoke to John Ternus, VP for Mac, iPad, Ecosystem, and Audio Engineering. Its surprising just how serious Apple is about the sound their accessories make. They have a huge anechoic chamber where they test for precision, human interaction and sound quality. “To get the right touch, you need the right sound,” says Ternus.

They even changed the entire mechanics of a keyboard because it didn’t sound the way they thought the customers would like. Read the article over at Medium.

*continues bashing away at a pathetic clunky plastic, food stained, dust filled keyboard*

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