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For the passed many months we have been working on a Max For Live plugin and its almost ready for you. Its called Analogue and its designed to make everything in Ableton Live more analog – duh.

Analogue uses convolution and some algorithm effects to achieve its results. We have spent a lot of time getting Impulse Responses from a large range of gear… Neve, SSL, SPL, Pultec and more. We plan to keep adding libraries and offer them for very very cheap. The plugin will be free to download and it’ll come loaded with impulse responses from some of these packs.

It is currently going through a beta stage so should be out in a few weeks and we are welcoming any suggestions on improving it. If the response is good and you help us by buying a few Impulse Response packs we will get to work on a heavier featured VST version so everyone can use it in any DAW.

More to come soon. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get it as soon as its out.

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